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Instructor Workshop

*This was a blog that somehow never got posted, but was saved as a draft. The event was on Saturday, April 9th. I'm still posting it even though it's passed because it is important to recognize our community of music instructors and all the passion they devote to their craft.

Hi everyone! This past Saturday, Lilly Theatre had a special workshop with all the music instructors centered around furthering the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach those with special needs/those on the Autism Spectrum. Special guest, Paola Munda spoke to this matter and shared her heartfelt mission to “teach music to children with special needs through empathy and love“. The pictures attached are photos of the meeting and all of our instructors as well as the flyer for the event. We hope to share more meetings like this in the future. Our mission to collaborate about what we as a global community can do to ensure that everyone has the beautiful opportunity to learn through music is ever-growing.

We are also looking to hire more instructors who are on the Autism Spectrum who have valuable experience that will help us develop these essential skills.

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