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Lilly Theatre Company

Lilly Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to enrich, educate and support military/veterans, students, and other under-served/marginalized community constituents through theatre and music. Our team consists of diverse people working together to establish a theatre company that opens doors. We value and seek to work with all ability levels throughout the company. We are artists, creatives, musicians, and community people from many different places and circumstances. Some of us are military veterans or allies who are always willing to further our professional pedagogy to help strengthen our skills for inclusivity purposes. We are compassionate individuals who care about people and recognize the importance of having safe and collaborative arts programs for the community. Our interests in the arts drive us to build community. Not only because we are passionate about working with our nation's military veterans, foreign military veterans, and students with many learning differences or on the autism spectrum. We are interested in leading the way to building a stronger and more inclusive foundation in the arts. We are also constantly searching for platforms to share our theatre and music projects and programs to inform and inspire people. 

Launched during the pandemic in May 2021, four original plays were released for online viewing via our social media platforms. We continue to write, direct, and produce our productions with fascinating originality. We are constantly pushing past what is expected of a theatre company. We go against any idea of what a theatre company is supposed to be. Our works are delivered virtually through various platforms and in person wherever we are welcomed. We address social challenges to educate and encourage collaboration between our work and the community. We are also eager to deal with more significant systemic issues that continue to hold people back, by addressing these topics in our plays. We also shed light on our own personal stories and value one another through civil and safe theatre practices. Within Lilly Theatre Company, we offer opportunities for the community to register for music lessons and various workshops. We invite everyone to view our Webcast to get to know our music instructors and other artists where we present new artists at least twice a month.

Our Why is: There are many systemic issues going on in America. The number of men, women, and children locked up in the United States right now is at an all-time high. (See The Sentencing Project for more information.) Far too many people die by suicide especially Veterans. Many Veterans are dealing with mental health issues and sadly some fall through the cracks. Numerous students navigate the education system while battling their struggles with poor executive functioning skills due to their learning differences. Not to mention students on the autism spectrum face numerous challenges in coordinating their social lives and struggle to find community. Lilly Theatre is committed to bringing people together through the arts in hopes of making people's lives a little better. The way we see it is our responsibility to help remove some barriers to them participating in artistic programs and create an outlet and path to self-betterment.  We will continue to challenge ourselves to learn approaches and strategies that help us impact those who come to us.

"We use the Arts and Education to enrich people’s lives by providing them the tools and experiences they can use to support their journey."

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