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Elegant Abstract Background
Our Purpose

To provide theatre and music education programs that support our Military Veterans, individuals on the autism spectrum, others with a disability diagnosis, students, and underserved communities. ​Additionally, we aim to use theater and music to empower and promote learning about the remarkable achievements of people.

Lilly Theatre Company envisions an inclusive and thriving theatre. We are giving access to people not typically able to access these experiences.

Our Mission

To design, implement and produce original plays and other compelling works with veterans and those we serve as active participants in the theatre production process. Our theatre productions happen on traditional and nontraditional theatre stages and online platforms. We welcome play submissions from underserved communities such as the incarcerated and re-entry communities, minority and low-income, and the larger community of playwrights. Within our Music Department, Lilly Enrichment, Veterans, students with and without disabilities, and community members are also selected to become music instructors, teaching a variety of musical instruments, and training people in music theory and performance with the goal to work with clients with high support needs, on the spectrum, and with learning differences promoting a more inclusive community of learning.

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