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01 Booking a Lesson Using Pricing Plan

Let's take a look at booking a session using your pricing plan.
On your device, open a web browser and go to

Scroll down to and tap the button labelled ENTER SITE.

Once the page loads up, tap on the profile menu to log in. You'll log in using the same email-address that was used to purchase the pricing plan.

Once you are logged in, open the profile menu and select the option labelled, "Book a session using plan credits"

Scroll down to find your lesson type.
In this example, we're going to be booking a piano lesson.
Tap the button labelled "book now"

Next, you'll want to select your instructor from the filter menu.

For this example, we'll select Lewis Meyer.

Next, scroll down to the calendar.
Make note of the time zone displayed.
Using the calendar controls, Find an available date for your session.
Tap to select an available date and time slot.

Before moving on, be sure to verify the details.
Double check the lesson type, instructor, date and time.
Tap next To continue.

Since you were logged in already, the form is pre-populated with your name and email address.

If you would like to receive text message reminders for your session: add your mobile number, and tick the checkbox.

In this box you can add a message to the instructor.

Review the details and tap the book now button.

After you tap the book now button, your session will be confirmed and a credit will be subtracted from your subscription plan.

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