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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about music? Lilly Theatre Company has almost every type of instructor you can think of. Our Artist Interview Series takes place every two weeks on our podcast and YouTube livestream. There, we get to know each artist and what makes their teaching style unique. So far, we have spoken with seven instructors. Here is a short review of each one:

If anything peaks your interests, please email to get more details.

Jason Ji - Multi-genre fingerstyle acoustic guitar teacher

Jason grew up in China and now resides in Boston! He loves the diversity of his instrument and has been playing for most of his life. Students have the opportunity to study a wide range of genres and become comfortable with their own technique. In-person or online lessons are available based on location. Jason is lively, genuine, and ready to teach all those eager to learn!

Pauli Camou - Vocal teacher

Pauli is a Mexican musician, singer and songwriter also in the process of releasing her own music! Her work is driven by her own spiritual journey as she continues to grow as an artist and person. Pauli empowers her students and those listening to honor their voice as their most sacred instrument. Her teaching style shifts based on what the student feels. Whatever is needed, Pauli puts her full heart and passion into it.

Eric Falter - Bass guitar teacher

Eric has firm roots in New England and has been active in the Boston music scene since 2010. Not only can Eric turn anything into a masterful rendition, but he is also very knowledgeable about music theory and can interpret just about any piece. As a graduate from Berklee with a degree in Professional Music, Eric is looking forward to sharing his excitement and wisdom!

Joan Rivera-Vélez - Vocal teacher

Joan is a Mexican musician and voice over artist from Puerto Rico. She has been singing her whole life and enjoys working closely with children. Majoring in Vocal Performance, Joan is expanding her knowledge and repertoire as she continues on her journey. Joan’s love for music and humanity is what drives her work.

William Crawford - Drummer

William is a second year student at Berklee who values creativity, enthusiasm and dedication. He is originally from Louisiana and relocated to New England to focus on pursuing professional music. William is so grateful to be in a community of passionate artists both at school and through Lilly Theatre. Calling all who are interested in learning the drums!

Bianca Castrillon-Robles - Vocal teacher

Bianca is a Canadian vocalist and actress in her second year at Berklee! She brings creativity, enthusiasm, and brightness everywhere she goes. Bianca has been singing and acting since she was ten years old. Her experience in art schools and with other talented musicians has helped shaped her experience long the way. When not in the world of music, she loves to go on picnics and spend time with her friends.

Lewis Meyer - Educator, Composer, Orchestrator

Lewis has incredible experience in the music world, ranging from performing with jazz ensembles to orchestrating film tracks. In 2019, he was the sole orchestrator for The Planters, an award winning film! He enjoys guiding his students towards finding their creative voices and expressing themselves. Lewis' favorite aspect of teaching is that he often learns just as much from his students as they do from him.

Want to tune into our next interview? Join us on our brand new Podcast or via the YouTube livestream (Date and time TBD) to get to know vocalist, Nicoleta Savvidou! Information on each instructor will continue to be added here as the series continues.

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